Hallelujah: The Making of Handel’s Messiah


A two-hour radio documentary by prize-winning documentary producers Keith Horner and Steve Wadhams celebrating and illuminating Handel’s masterpiece.


This wide-ranging, two-hour, radio documentary interweaves experts talking about Messiah with a small-town choir from Parry Sound, Ontario preparing to present Messiah for the very first time.


• Producers Horner and Wadhams travel to Dublin to discover where Messiah was first performed in 1742.
• Conductor Christopher Hogwood analyses the work at his harpsichord.
• Scholar Donald Burrows tours the Handel monuments and opens original Handel scores in London and Oxford.
• Colin Masters unlocks the vaults of the Thomas Coram Foundation (the Foundling Hospital), in London.
• Ruth Smith talks about Charles Jennens, who compiled the text of Messiah.
• Other experts interviewed on location include Emma Kirkby, Ivars Taurins, Nicholas McGegan, Bryan Boydell, and Walter Hewlitt from the Center for Computer Assisted Research into the Humanities in California.
• Enjoy and please add comments!

khmp · Hallelujah: The Making of Handel’s Messiah
khmp · Hallelujah: The Making of Handel’s Messiah

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