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Mr Nobody (aka Mr Mystery) meets Mr Busoni

September 4, 2018

In his season-opening concert – his 12th on the MusicTORONTO stage – Canadian virtuoso Marc-André Hamelin includes some of his favourite piano transcriptions.  They include six by Mr Nobody. Piano transcriptions, you say? Not the real thing? Secondhand piano music? Mr Nobody?  A composer who daren’t show his face? Let’s start where Marc-André will start […]

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Only 88 hammers on the piano, you say? Pity!

January 12, 2013

When Marc-André Hamelin brings his latest delicious, over-the-top, home-baked treat to MusicTORONTO, the confection will be iced with enough piano-insider jokes to give a pianist’s fingers cavities. Hamelin will venture where few living pianists dare to venture and none can quite bring off with the Montreal-born pianist’s deadpan nonchalance – and chops! Hamelin’s 10-minute take […]

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